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We at Antep Foods produce the finest quality kebab meat in WA. We are hand processing fresh quality lamb, beef and chicken daily to supply our vast range of kebab shops located from Darwin to Albany.

We are WA’s leading kebab supplier processing 35 tonnes of meat weekly from a tier 1 export establishment.

At Antep Foods, we are partnered with Hillside Meat Processors one of the leading lamb suppliers and exporters in Australia, with a capacity of 75t daily lamb processing. With the vast range of expertise in the meat industry around us we are able to provide our customers with a more superior product.

Our chicken kebab is made using the most tender boneless merrylands. Our Doner is made using the most tender beef and lamb (%70 beef %30 lamb). Our mince kebab is made using the most tender lamb, veal and beef.

About Us

Antep Foods derives from Antep where they are famous for their food especially kebab meat. We have taken their traditions and applied it into our business model supplying a premium quality kebab which stands out in authentic flavour amongst many other suppliers! Established in 2008 we are a family business and have been working very hard to perfect our products proving our stance in the market amongst our 80+ customers.


At Antep Foods we are not limited to kebab meat. We also specialize in sourcing other frozen, chilled and dry stock goods a range of 30+ different products, this has also given us the freedom to supply other food chains and restaurants other than kebab shops.

Antep Foods is located 15 mins north of Perth city in an industrial estate “Malaga”. We are processing from a tier 1 export establishment, all to maintain the highest quality standards. At Antep Foods we have the capabilities to supply eastern states markets as well as tier 1 approved countries.
At Antep Foods we hold all the required licenses and accreditations in accordance with the government requirements. This includes HACCP Certification as well as additional SQF Accreditation. We have a full time employed QA Quality Assurance Manager insuring our standards on a daily basis. We are also 100% Halal approved under WA Halal Authority. All our meats are sourced from strictly tier 2 abattoirs, all to insure the highest-grade products.
Antep Foods is partnered by Hillside Meat Processors and LSS who are one of the largest meat establishments in Australia providing vast services from lamb and beef products. Having strong partners allows us to stay competitive and provide top quality meat for the retail market.
Antep Foods is supplying any kebab shops and restaurants in WA, with no transport restrictions. You can try our kebab meat in majority of kebab shops in Perth even at the famous kebab shop in Scarborough beach Peter By The Sea and Ararat Kebab in UWA.


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Head Office
30B Pavers Circle Malaga

2 Stanford Way Malaga

Office: 9249 2467
Mobile: 0475 283 332

New customers may request Arabic, Turkish, Urdu speaking employees to assist.
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